COVID-19 and Epilepsy

COVID‐19 outbreak: The impact of stress on seizures in patients with epilepsy

Shanshan Huang
Chunmei Wu
Yuchao Jia
Guo Li
Zhou Zhu
Kai Lu
Yuyan Yang
Furong Wang
Suiqiang Zhu

Key Points

  • A small proportion of patients with epilepsy experienced seizure exacerbation during the outbreak of COVID‐19
  • Seizure exacerbation is associated with exposure history to COVID‐19, worry about a negative effect of COVID‐19 on seizure‐related issues, inappropriate change of AED treatment, and uncontrolled seizures, including unsuccessful AED treatment, as well as frequent seizures
  • Stress is an independent precipitant for triggering seizures in some patients with epilepsy