Purple Hikes

Purple Hikes for Epilepsy are community based events to raise funds and awareness for epilepsy and the organization. We invite members of our communities to register, collect pledges from friends and family, and dress in your brightest, fun purple clothing when walking!

Upcoming Hikes

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Interested in hosting your own purple hike?

Past Hikes

Unicorn Purple Hike 2019
Unicorn Purple Hike 2021
Unicorn Purple Hike 2022
Unicorn Purple Hike 2023
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Annual Unicorn Purple Hike for Epilepsy

The Unicorn Purple Hike for Epilepsy is an annual hike held at the Bay Community Centre in the Head of St Margaret’s Bay, NS at the beginning of October. The Unicorn Hike is planned and hosted every year by the fantastic staff and volunteers of the Unicorn Theatre. Check out some of the group photos from the years and follow Unicorn Theatre Here!

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Annual Seize the Day Walk/Run

The Seize the Day Walk/Run is a new annual walk held by Saltbox Brewery in Mahone Bay, NS. We enjoyed some epilepsy-themed music trivia and the launch of a purple beer sold for the day in support of EAM. We can’t wait to see everyone back for year two!

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PEI Purple Hike

The PEI Purple Hike is an event held by our amazing PEI Fundraising Committee, Special thank you to Karla MacAusland, Sarah Ross, and Duane MacRae. This Hike would not be possible without their hard work and dedication. Next PEI Purple Hike on October 15th, 2023 Click Here to learn more!