Our Board of Directors

Angela McCarthy
Interim President

Angela has been involved with EAM since 2006 and has been an avid volunteer and fundraiser for the association. 

Angela and her family live in the Halifax Area. She is passionate about supporting people living with epilepsy by raising awareness and advocating on behalf of the community. She has also been heavily involved with helping support other community and non-profit groups to raise funds to support initiatives.

Angela has a background in early childhood education and human resources. Angela has served on our board in the past and looks forward to all of the work we can do in the future. 

Odette Macleod

Odette started her career as a lawyer, receiving her law degree from UNB, articling in Ontario, and she was a previous member of the Bar in both Ontario and Nova Scotia.  She worked with the federal Solicitor General for several years in Ottawa, with both the Correctional Investigator and the RCMP External Review Committee.  Over 20 years ago she changed course and returned home to Nova Scotia to work for a major Union doing three types of internal hearings, before becoming Coordinator of the Health Care team.  She was the President of this Association for 5 years during its expansion into the Maritimes.  She and her family have greatly enjoyed many Purple Day Galas!

Greg White

Originally from New Brunswick, Greg and his wife, Whitney, moved back to the Maritimes in 2019.

Greg is an HR professional with ten years of experience, with specializations in recruitment, labor relations, and adult education. He has volunteered regularly since he was in high school and has contributed to several boards and committees over the last eight years, including chairing the Wood Buffalo Regional Library Board, serving on several committees with CPHR – AB and CPHR – NS, and currently serves as a Director with the Epilepsy Association of the Maritimes Board.

Ryan LeBlanc

Ryan is originally from Burlington Ontario, but moved to Luxembourg in 2008.

In high school, Ryan was diagnosed with epilepsy. There were some significant challenges, but after years of trial and error, the seizures were able to be effectively managed through medication.

Ryan moved to the Maritimes in 2012 and completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology at Saint Marys University. Currently, Ryan works as a corporate account manager and is completing his MBA part-time at Dalhousie University.

David Sereda

David is a relative newcomer to Nova Scotia, fulfilling a longstanding dream that he and his family have held to live by the ocean. David has had a long career as a clinical child and adolescent psychologist, spending over 30 years working in the field of children’s mental health. Although he has been impacted by epilepsy his entire life, the pressures of shame and social stigma kept him from accepting a diagnosis until 2011. In 2018, his epilepsy and a related severe burn injury resulted in a far too early retirement. Since then, David has dedicated himself to volunteering for the causes of health advocacy and education, working to support the well-being of those living with epilepsy and other chronic health conditions. His volunteer efforts have included spending 4 years on the Board of the Epilepsy Association of Calgary (2 years as Vice-Chair) where he focused on program development, and involvement with the School of Public Health and Safety at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology to support the development of empathy, compassion, and patient engagement in health care education. David looks forward to contributing to the EAM in their efforts to improve the quality of life of those impacted by epilepsy in the community.

Habiba Ibrahim

As an advocate for positive change and a passion for community service, Habiba brings a unique blend of expertise in Business Administration and psychology to the Epilepsy Association. Holding a degree in Business Administration and a background in Psychology from the University of Prince Edward Island, Habiba has cultivated skill sets that allow for a holistic approach to addressing the needs of individuals within the epilepsy community. 

In addition, Habiba has extensive experience in the realms of digital marketing and communications. With a keen understanding of the digital landscape, Habiba leverages this knowledge to amplify the message and reach of the Epilepsy Association, ensuring that the vital information and support provided by the organization are accessible to a broader audience.

Whether through strategic digital campaigns or impactful communication strategies, Habiba is dedicated to utilizing these skills to foster community, support, and understanding for those affected by epilepsy.

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