Green Apple Gives

An Exciting Partnership 

It is time to claim points for being an amazing human! We appreciate your donations to the Epilepsy Association of the Maritimes and are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Green Apple Gives, the rewards and fundraising platform! 


This collaboration makes donations seamless through spare change roundups and cashback rewards! You can now donate your spare change when you’re buying your morning coffee or date night dinner, to help support our mission! .


Plus, when you carry out your regular shopping at Green Apple Gives’ partner stores like Disney, Pizza Hut, Buffalo, Frank and Oak among countless others, you earn cashback which can be shared with us to support our cause for FREE at the same time! We wanted to find ways that we could give back to you as a donor while also supporting our programs and services and Green Apple does just that


What is Green Apple Gives?

Green Apple Gives enables donors to donate digitally through spare change round-ups and cashback rewards. This helps [Organization] generate steady recurring revenue by making it easy for you to contribute through your normal everyday spending. 


What are the next steps?


Sign up as a donor and get rewards while helping us achieve our mission!