PACES is an 9-week small group for newly diagnosed individuals or those who are still adjusting to an epilepsy diagnosis. In this program, you will learn skills and strategies for social and community adjustment. The goal of PACES is to increase the medical, psychosocial, and community adjustment of adults with active seizure conditions.

Developed specifically for adults living with epilepsy, this program was designed and researched at the University of Washington Epilepsy Center / Health Promotion Research Center and funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In this program, participants develop coping and goal-setting strategies that improve quality of life, epilepsy self-management, and anxiety and depression.

Modules Include:
   • Epilepsy and Medical Issues
   • Managing Stress and the Blues
   • Compensating for Cognitive Challenges
   • Getting the Most Out of Community Living
   • Managing my Epilepsy Care
   • Effective Communication About my Epilepsy
   • My Health and Wellbeing

Key Features:
   • Education about seizures types and available treatments, the influence of epilepsy on mood, stress, and thinking, and strategies for healthy lifestyle and active community engagement
   • Training and practice using specific strategies to cope with stress and the blues
   • Personalized goal-setting and support to help you articulate and pursue life changes that are important to you
   • Qualified facilitator teams to include a trained epilepsy mental health professional and a trained peer with epilepsy
   • A virtual group program.

There is no cost to participate.

Registration for PACES 2024 is open! Register Here!