Support Groups

Connecting with each other is an important part to your wellbeing. Learning and engaging with people who can understand and empathize with how you are feeling can help us shape strategies for improving our health in many ways. 

Our support group is the place to share your epilepsy journey, the challenges and the accomplishments. We also invite guest speakers to share their expertise in a variety of topics applicable to the epilepsy community.

Email Susan at to sign up!

Our Parent Support Group provides a safe space for parents to exchange knowledge and ideas for parenting a child/adult living with epilepsy. 

We want parents to meet and support each other and provide a sense of social connection and community while sharing strategies for improving the quality of life of their children. 

*Must be a parent, guardian or caregiver of someone living with epilepsy. 

Email Susan at to sign up!


Our Accelerated Long Term Forgetting (ALF) support group is for people living with ALF to support each other by sharing storeies and helpful strategies for increasing their wellbeing and quality of life. 

The group is working on developing tools and resources for people who need support with ALF but who do not live in a city or town with extra supports.

*Must be a person who has been identified with ALF from a qualified medical practitioner.

Email Susan at to sign up!

Our youth support group provides engagement with other young people across the Maritimes ages16-30.

Email Robert at to sign up!