Tyler Dyke

Hi, my name is Tyler Dyke,
I live with epilepsy every day however it does not define me.
I’m 35 years old and have been living with Epilepsy since I was 3. When I was younger my epilepsy was a constant challenge to learning in school and living a normal child’s life. I was often forced to sit on the sidelines and was not able to participate in many activities with my friends and family
In 2006 my seizures started to occur more frequently and I was identified as a candidate for more aggressive treatment beyond medication. I underwent three intracranial surgeries to remove a piece of my brain; the first two performed placed pads with electrodes attached to them directly onto the surface of my brain to determine where my seizures were originating from. Further testing led to a third surgery to remove the area of my brain linked to my seizures.
Since my surgery, I have been seizure-free and am now able to do so many things I never thought possible.
Today I am a Firefighter. I hold a Class 3 Driver’s license; I can drive everything from my car up to and including the Fire Trucks at my place of employment. I have been working as a firefighter for approximately 12 years. Starting off as a volunteer firefighter in Steady Brook, Newfoundland for three years then moved back to Nova Scotia to attend and graduate from Fire-Fighting School. Upon graduation, I worked as an assistant instructor at my fire school until I was offered a job by the government of Manitoba to be trained and employed as a Helitack Wildland Firefighter. Our job was to fly in by helicopter to attack and contain forest fires; sometimes we stayed in the woods in tents for up to 24 days at a time.
In November of 2018 I started my dream job working in my hometown as a Firefighter for the Department of National Defence at Canadian Forces Base Halifax. Today at my fire department we respond to and attack fires, perform rescues, respond to medical emergencies, vehicle accidents, hazardous material spills and pretty much any and all Base domestic emergencies.
In my spare time, I like to go out to the movies, wilderness camp, go fishing, hike, fly my power kites, golf and my newest endeavour, learn how to Kite Surf. I have a passion for travel; from Iceland to the Amazon, from China to the Pyramids in Egypt, and River cruises in Europe, Asia and South America, and the Caribbean. I have journeyed to 5 continents with only Australia and Antarctica left to visit.
I never take the gift of my surgery for granted. I live every day to the fullest and face all challenges head-on.”

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