The HummingBird


The hummingbird is fragile in appearance, never stops beating its wings and flies in an infinity pattern.  However, the hummingbird is fierce and tenacious; in fact, it will protect itself and its young against any predator, despite its size.  Persons living with epilepsy are tenacious and fierce as well; despite many set backs, road blocks, barriers; they still push on and push on valiantly.  One day can be all right and the next the bottom can fall out of their world.  Yet still, they persevere.  Many symbols have been associated with epilepsy over the years; a purple ribbon, a candle, a sunflower but the hummingbird spoke to us and our members.  Because our members are fierce.  They have resilience.  They push through and they don’t ever stop.  Hence our #WE WON’T STOP tagline was born.  This marries well with our beautiful hummingbird.