Courtesy of the CEA, 2019    

A special thank you to the Canadian Epilepsy Alliance for sharing their up to date and correct epilepsy information


Are you someone who is likely to have a seizure while travelling?

  • Don’t drive a car unless you have a valid license and are not having seizures.
  • If you can’t drive because of epilepsy, explore local “Dial-a-Ride” services, paratransit and public transportation options. People with a disability are sometimes eligible for local discounts on transportation.
  • If you have frequent seizures, the added safety of a taxicab may be worth the extra cost.
  • If you wander during a seizure, consider taking a friend along when you travel.
  • When taking a train, bus or airplane trip, if you need to travel with an attendant for your seizures, they may be eligible for a discount. Contact your local office for more information.
  • If escalators or stairs are unusually steep, consider using the elevator instead.
  • On vacation, take enough medication along for the entire trip, and carry a copy of your prescription and doctor’s phone number with you.
  • If your seizures have made you housebound, consider getting a seizure dog.