Workplace Safety

Courtesy of the CEA, 2019    

A special thank you to the Canadian Epilepsy Alliance for sharing their up to date and correct epilepsy information

Jobs can often be made safer with a few changes, and in most jurisdictions, employers are required to make reasonable accommodations for their employees with disabilities. Here are some useful tips:

  • Review any job-related risks to you. Can something be changed to improve safety? Helpful advice is available from the Job Accommodation Specialist at the CCRW by phoning 1-800-664-0925 or 416-260-3060.
  • Consider telling your co-workers that you have epilepsy and about correct seizure first aid. This often helps calm fears and corrects misconceptions. The Epilepsy Association of the Maritimes can help.
  • Try to keep consistent work hours so you don’t go too long without sleep.
  • Climb only as high as you can safely fall, especially on a concrete floor, unless you are protected by a reliable safety harness and wearing a secure hard hat or helmet.
  • When working around machinery, check for safety features, such as automatic shut offs or safety guards.
  • Depending on your job and demands of the work site, consider wearing protective clothing if you have frequent seizures.
  • Keep a change of clothes at work in case your clothes get soiled during a seizure.